Cheap Longboard electric skateboard with 90mm wheels

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The skateboard is made of 1 bamboo 7 Layers maple and the board surface has good toughness, bearing capacity and waterproof performance.

Non-slip emery paper for increased  comtrollability. Built-in is more waterproof and dustproof.

Stable output and durable.The top speed is 40km / h,  the speed and climbing ability are good. The 5200mah battery provides a strong endurance for skateboards and can last for about 25 kilometers

You can see the road ahead. It's safer to sliding at night.

This electric skateboard come with Double-drive hub motor and 600W per motor.

it can run smoothly at speeds of up to 40km/h.The climbing ability can reach 20 degrees, the speed and climbing ability are good. It allows you to ride very fast, easily uphill and with very fast acceleration.Through wireless control, the traditional Maple board has an intelligent electric drive experience. For traditional Maple skateboarding enthusiasts to provide the most pleasant experience of electric skateboarding.